Monday, December 12, 2011


bush adventure shot taken on my diana

a cat and a man in a rocking chair outside the warehouse overlapped with...

I am most fascinated by moss... this was a beautiful patch of it

its like being in a whirlwind

spinning so fast that you can't distinguish one thing
from another
its all a blur

yet one must find a way to focus in on things

taking one step at a time
       one breath at a time 
       one task at a time

its this time of year hey.
frantic and crazy we all become,
preparing for... many a thing it seems

anyway love it or hate it
soon it will all be over.
the hecticness I mean...

and then everyone disperses
to the coast and beyond...
exciting is the holiday period.

I shall still do more posts before Christmas
as I do in fact have quite a few markets before
But whilst I remember
I would like to wish one and all
an oh so wonderful festive season!

This weekend

Rose St Artist Market on Saturday 17 December

The Shirt and Skirt Market on Sunday on Sunday 18 December

At which I shalt have many a lovely present for you to buy
and also on Saturday 24th December
I will be at The Rose ST Artist Market again
for those as unorganized as I
who need to do some last minute gift shopping

anyway that's enough for now

over and out x

Wednesday, December 7, 2011

magical sounds in the middle of the bush

oh how glorious it is
to head into the bush
with the only intention being
to dance
to explore
to meet many like-minded folk
to wander
to do as you please

Ah the bliss to be found in attending a festival
How at home I do feel in the middle of nowhere
with just


These are some special shots taken by the brilliant photographer
An Architect Photographed My Undies, at a festival called 
Strawberry Fields, which was a couple of weekends ago...
In them you can see my beautiful friend wearing a new headdress I created for her, but which I have decided to continue making in varying forms...

Peace out wonderful creatures x