Thursday, March 22, 2012

wherever the wind blows

no plans

no tell of time

aside from the sun

instincts say

eyes and ears lead the way


Thursday, March 15, 2012

a travelling french man

so i know you have already seen this beanie...

but was rather excited to make my first beanie
sale to a lovely french man who was staying on our couch

this friendly traveler decided he wanted one after
seeing us shoot the last lot of beanie photos...
once he decided which one he wanted i insisted i must take
a photo of him in his new souvenir!

thought he pulled some pretty impressive poses
he he what a character

its exciting to know that this pompom beanie will go
on journeys to far off lands and have a wondrous life
of it own!!!

the places
this beanie
will keep this dear man's head warm!

over and out exuberant ones x

Wednesday, March 7, 2012

pom pom pomsical... pompernickel

first day of march
and the switch was flicked

its autumn

one week its sweltering
the next one its chill chillery as

'not yet!' we all say
surely there be more days of summer to come

perhaps there are more sunshiney days
stowed away...
oh how i hope!

but this sudden change
does make you think
about cosy warm layers
and hot cups of tea

and so

i have been on a mission to create the ideal beanie!
which of course means it must have a pompom on top
and a psychedelic feather on the side.

after much sampling
i think i have mastered it...
just to be sure i have been wearing one myself
for how can i be sure if i haven't put it to the test!
and I pretty much haven't taken it off to be honest

ooh how i have been enjoying making pompoms too!
what a wonderful process it is
a little time consuming but oh so rewarding
it's the finishing touch!
the icing on the cake!
i just love it
in case you can't tell.

they will be for sale soon
so if you wish to know
i will keep you updated on when/where they are available
via facebook

I would like to thank the beautiful creatures
who modeled them for me.
You 2 are brilliant!

over and out exuberant beings x 



Thursday, March 1, 2012

ROAR like a

oh dear folk
i must apologize
for my lack of presence.


but anyways

just thought I'd share a special headdress
I made on a summer holiday

i became inspired by 
the idea of 
a lion mane

of a rainbow lion
that wandered about the bush
listening to beautiful sounds
and dancing
and as it danced a whirlwind of 
wondrous colour painted 
many rainbows amongst the landscape
from its magical mane

a mane  
of vibrant, colourful 
knitting and yarn

and here is the result
it became somewhat tribal looking
whilst still remaining mane-like

so perhaps this mane 
adorns the head of the tribe
whom does worship this mystical lion


thanks to my lovely friend Emma
for being my model and lending me
her camera for these shots 

peace out exuberant ones x