Thursday, August 25, 2011

whimsical warehouse

out front

basking in the sunshine

at ze knitting machine in ma studio

it is a magical place
this warehouse
much creative goodness is spun inside its walls
exuberance is rampant.
obscure objects everywhere.
theatre sets surround in
an abundance of both beauty and deterioration
a diverse collection of individuals go about intriguing tasks

bewilderment is apparent in those who dare to enter the maze 
it is possible to become lost inside this place
(even if you know it well)
here rules are unnecessary
madness is essential
and magic happens


Friday, August 19, 2011


watching someone completely consumed in a task 
is something I find so intriguing to watch

whether it is by an activity I can personally relate
to is beside the point...
well sometimes it can be more interesting to watch someone
consumed by a task that you can't quite comprehend...

it seems to me that 
you have to be passionate about a subject
in order to also become engrossed by it...
and perhaps that is why it is so fascinating to watch

how wondrous it is 
to be engrossed in something...
to drift off
to a place
where only the task at hand
is in existence
with you

concentration and focus come with such ease
sounds and movement surrounding you do not penetrate this
oh how special these moments can be
and often i don't realise until after

moving on...

this weekend, well on saturday to be specific
Reckless Exuberance will have a stall at
The Rose St Artist Market
11am to 5pm

Come by if you wish as I would surely like to have visitors

Peace out exuberant beings xo

Tuesday, August 16, 2011

mountain man

ever since my dear friend gave me a cd
of these amazing creatures last year
i have not been able to stop listening them...
oh such sweet and magical vocals.
pure, blissful sounds


Thursday, August 11, 2011

Craft Hatch Market at 1000 £ Bend

some vibrant folk
went wandering
not lost
but aimlessly meandering about,
following their instincts wherever they please...
enjoying their surroundings
curiously playing,
discovering much.
No destination in mind
and without expectations...
oh the adventures they had!

hello there says I
I am so excited to show you these amazing new photos 
that were produced in collaboration with some wonderful creative
beings and my very own knitwear.

These photos feature some new garments and older items in new form.

Tomorrow at Craft Victoria's Craft Hatch Market at 1000 £ Bend
these exciting new pieces will be available for the first time at a market.
It seems fitting as this is the first Craft Hatch Market at this lovely new location in the city and thus a perfect occassion to show my new work!
New pieces include loose knit dresses, unisex singlets and cropped singlets as well as Patterned shorts.
These are all great for pieces for layering.
They will be accompanied by new versions of old favourites including headdresses, gloves, phone gloves and more!

Come take a look tomorrow between 11am-4pm
There will be many brilliant handmade wares to see and buy

Photography by An Architect Photographer My Undies
Make-up by Emma Roberts, Studio 2

Peace out exuberant beings xo

Monday, August 8, 2011


phone gloves at Rose St Market on Saturday

I want to be fearless...
I don't want to be scared of things.

Things like 
people I find intimidating
public speaking
saying what I really think about something because I think I'll sound stupid
or dancing in particular situations (he he)

When I realise I am avoiding doing something
because of fear then I want to conquer it...
Fear seems like a ridiculous reason to avoid something

I'd rather look stupid or foolish or uncool (whatever that means)
than not experiencing something.

What I am trying to say is that
I'd prefer to experience things than fear them

Many people seem to avoid the things they are scared of...
I mean things that could fail or might be judged.
It just doesn't seem worth it to me...
Living inside a bubble where you are comfortable
is easy
often it seems like a means of avoiding trying
the many things that are out there to be 
experienced, inspired by and appreciated

I know I can't choose what I fear
it just happens sometimes
and there are heaps of things I am scared of

but so many things that I was initially scared of
have become things that I love to do...
which makes me think that it is always worth trying things
at least once

eek i hope this doesn't sound like one of
those weird self help books
just thinking out loud i am


Friday, August 5, 2011

jibber jabber bandit

an adventuring man off to explore the wild with a well suited backpack

an amazing being lapping up ze sunshine in a headdress

So I borrowed my sisters
old polaroid camera and took some
photos of some lovely beings in the
the sunshine...

Tomorrow I shalt be back at The Rose St Artists Market!
Has been 3 weeks so its a bit longer than usual but
I shalt return with many a wondrous thing...
I have made a heap of pretty headdresses  in brilliant hues!
Alongside lots of phone gloves in various colours that will
catch your eye...
As well as human gloves...
yes human gloves!
for your hands...
Well they are perhaps more like fingerless mittens/ arm warmers
but they are perfect for wearing and not restricting you
when you need to get things done...
Mine are glued to me at all times.
Except I did leave one on my heater and burnt a massive
hole in it...
a bit disappointing!
but hey I guess that is what is so good about making your own gloves...
I am just making one more to replace it he he

Anyway maybe I will see you at The Rose St Market
tomorrow between 11am-5pm

Peace out exuberant beings x

Tuesday, August 2, 2011

word on the street


I would like to mention
a new stockist!!

whats that you say...
yes that is right 
a lovely shop in Yarraville.

Now I didn't know anything about Yarraville
before going to see this shop...
Nor did I realise what a cool place this suburb is..
its not even far away
which is suprising
as I always think that places I don't know must be far far away..
but no! 
10 minute train ride from ze city
Lots of sweet little cafes, and precious little shops!
Especially this shop that has taken on my range...
It is called
check it out says I
in fact
check out this whole suburb
its rather brilliant

in the pictures
are some of the special new pieces
that can be found at Mandrake and Willow
loose knit singlets and dresses
they be splendid for layering
or wearing on there lonesome too
100% wool of course

thats all from me for now
over and out exuberant beings