Friday, December 28, 2012

its relative

its like a fog has been lifting
and i have been nudging it along
in my own way
encouraging it to rise

many things have happened
brutal and beautiful
and now i can see
why things have changed

and this has meant
the start of many new things
and the end of so much too
and whilst i was a little suspicious of both initially
i am now ready to embrace them

Wednesday, October 17, 2012

spring in her step

it has been madness at Reckless Exuberance!

making spring/summer knitwear
in time for
this Friday night and Saturday

but oh how excited we are,
Wovenspoke and I,
to be having a stall at this wonderful market!

and it is in fact
a marvellous madness 
we have been swept up in!
a sweet summery madness
of vibrant colour and playful details

both Reckless Exuberance and Wovenspoke
have some intriguing new products 
just in time 
for beautiful days of sunshine 
amongst the grass and warm breeze

some new things you can glimpse from us...
naturally dyed silk scarves with intriuing details,
new backpacks with fringed straps and recycled blanket patches,
glowing pompoms,
patterned skirts...

and we shall have some extra special offers
available only this weekend too!

So come visit
The Finders Keepers Market
this Friday night (6pm-10pm)
and Saturday (9am-5pm)
at The Royal Exhibition Building

there shalt be oodles of
amazing designers, artists, performers and more

and after you emerge from le market
you can sprawl out in the lovely Carlton gardens
in the sunshine on the grass
and have a well deserved nap!

Over and out
exuberant beings




Sunday, October 7, 2012

at Nan's place

at Nans place

i saw knitting and embroidery in progress

things that seemed like magic to me…

magic created with my whimsical nannas hands

beauty created in a blur of consciousness and slumber

for she could do both

which I found bewildering

Saturday, September 29, 2012

kindred spirit


a dear woman
who I have a most treasured friendship with
did make this whimsical treasure

she is a kindred spirit
and together
her and I 
go on face painting adventures!
when our powers combine
we are the Merry Pranksters

whilst the saying may go
'paint the town'
we on the other hand
like to
'paint the party'

from her I have learnt alot
and we most often seem to be on the same wave length
and we love to go on wondrous mad adventures

how beautiful it is
to have such connections
rather important in fact

I will treasure this dreamcatcher
just as
I do treasure 
my friendship
with this lovely being

peace out x

Tuesday, August 28, 2012

to heal

having found himself with a leg covered in plaster
this gentleman decided not to just let it remain blank
in beige
but instead 
to see it as a blank canvas
that could become 
a colourful painting of sorts
and something
to perhaps 
gladden his eyes
as he heals in bed

and i was happy
it was i he asked
to paint the
blank canvas on his leg
and so i embarked on a creative adventure
in an unlikely place

but how lovely to head into the unknown
and paint a place i would never think of
cos it seems to me
that when you delve into the unknown
you always create wondefully unexpected things

i like this perception
he had
that his leg was a blank canvas
for this is how i see so many things
so many surfaces i see
i just want to 
decorate, embellish
and render them a mad
whirlwind of colour and craziness

over and out x

Friday, August 3, 2012


its always interesting to see the spaces which people 
create for themselves

the objects one has chosen to surround oneself with
the placement they have arranged them
the way they then interact with this space

oh what delights this can
reflect about a person

i have some friends who love to create environments
that nurture social interaction
that connect people
oh what wonderful spaces they create!

something i love to see
is how those people and others whom i love
come together in a camping situation
and collectively create a living space

like at festivals
you arrive with your friends/campsite buddies
at a carefully selected empty grassy patch
a blank canvas
upon which
you then erect a temporary home
some contribute more than others
but each individial ends up contributing something of themselves
bringing something to the table

decorations, food, furniture, tents
and other such essential elements
come together
and thus
a unique vibe
which will only exist for those few days
and after which 
it will never exist in the same form again
and you co-exist there together 
for that fleeting moment in time
its such a lovely thing

anyway here is a little piece of my space
my warehouse studio space
within which all Reckless Exuberance pieces
are made
with my own two hands 

peace out
exuberant beings x

Wednesday, July 25, 2012

powers combined

so i have already shown off the photos
from our winter shoot
which combined the skills of
An Architect Photographed My Undies (photography)
Emma Roberts, Studio 2 (Makeup)
Styling(Sarah Egan)
and Reckless Exuberance (knitwear)

and now after a great deal of work from
amazing graphic designer Bianca Martinov
we have a complete lookbook!!!

pretty excited to be honest

a wonderful collection of local creative forces
have come together to create something that reflects
Reckless Exuberance
and also, in some way,
reflects each individual involved

what a splendid process it hath been! 
ever so grateful to each being who made zis possible

Peace out
exuberant beings x