Wednesday, July 25, 2012

powers combined

so i have already shown off the photos
from our winter shoot
which combined the skills of
An Architect Photographed My Undies (photography)
Emma Roberts, Studio 2 (Makeup)
Styling(Sarah Egan)
and Reckless Exuberance (knitwear)

and now after a great deal of work from
amazing graphic designer Bianca Martinov
we have a complete lookbook!!!

pretty excited to be honest

a wonderful collection of local creative forces
have come together to create something that reflects
Reckless Exuberance
and also, in some way,
reflects each individual involved

what a splendid process it hath been! 
ever so grateful to each being who made zis possible

Peace out
exuberant beings x

Thursday, July 12, 2012

winter wagon

us on the wall of Swoon
in a cube
at le market

oh hello 

how i do hope your winter is wandering by sweetly

i know winter might bring with it
some harsh things

freezing hands and toes
rain and soggy socks
drowned rat hair
a lot less desirable outside time and sunshine

but some things I do like about it are

rain on the roof
whimsical skeletal trees
rugging up in cosy layers
fresh breeze on your face
hot cups of tea
wholesome hearty soups

and oh how fond 
i have become of washing the dishes 
in wonderfully hot water 
and feeling my hands go from numb to toastie

and if you feel like a lovely winter weekend adventure

we will be at The Rose St Artist Market
zis Saturday 14 July

so if you feel like braving the beautiful beast of winter
we will have many and glove and beanie 
to warm you up at the market

oooh and the Cafe there does 
delicious hot chocolates to warm your belly too!

perhaps will see you there exuberant beings x