Wednesday, November 30, 2011

my little sister

we are oh so different to each other

its a wonder sometimes that we were bought up in the same house
let alone by the same people...

we used to fight alot when we were little... 
perhaps because personality-wise we want and see everything differently...
but somehow 
despite all this

we have come out the other end of childhood
as friends... and sisters who appreciate each other
I'm there for her
she is there for me...

I mean your sibling is the one you spend so much time with...
doing nothing in particular together.
playing dress-ups with.
waiting in the car while mum is in the supermarket (taking forever!)
walking to the milkbar to buy lollies.
doing the dishes with.

sometimes when I talk to her I am just like wow...
you are so bizarre
the things she dwells upon
the things she desires
I just don't get it!
and I think she looks at me most of the time and thinks...
you are an absolute nutcase!
why are you doing this strange thing I have never heard of

but we accept each other now

she still doesn't make sense to me at all
but why does she have to.

We seem to laugh alot together.
I think we laugh alot at our own ridiculousness...
And when I sat there today having coffee
and laughing with her about some foolish
adventure she had on the weekend
I just thought...
I'm so glad you are my sister.
I will never have a relationship like this with anyone else

and I love ya guts

that is all

peace out x

Tuesday, November 22, 2011

when your powers combine

We went on a day long adventure about the amazing grounds of the Convent in Abbotsford which provided oh so much inspiration for all of us...

So many whimsical plants and hidden corners perfect for capturing this story...
I love that by a collection of artistic beings coming together you can create something special that none of you could have done alone... 
you are taken on a journey working with each others ideas... 

being inspired by each other a work evolves into a joint entity that reflects you all in more ways than one

oh collaboration is brilliant! 
I don't get to do it that often but I do indeed love it when I do!

The wonderful creatures who were the parts of this venture are:

Jazmine Thom, an amazing photographer who has just graduated and who initiated this project and pulled everything together, she is full of ideas and motivation!

and Emma Roberts of Studio2 Make up, hair and beauty who I have mentioned before but whom always blows me away with her magically creative ideas. She is one who is never restricted by anything but rather pushes all boundaries that most are contained by.

Anywho I must be off!

Have a lovely afternoon exuberant beings!
Peace out x

Thursday, November 17, 2011

double whammy

sooo a big weekend is approaching
and I have been busy as a bee

Reckless Exuberance will be having two market stalls this weekend!
one on saturday
one on sunday...

and with the beautiful summer-like weather that has been
upon us it seems fitting to have much lovely summer gear
on offer.
For example...
the cotton blend singlets I have been making (pictured above)
these are oversized with big arm holes 
so as well as being breathable they drape really nicely on the body
and don't hug the skin at all...
they are cropped too, which makes them perfect to wear with
high-waisted shorts and skirts...

speaking of which...

I have also been making some bold summery hot pants!
These have been received particularly well over the
past few months but only now have I really knuckled down
into the vibrant summer colours...
oh how fun these colours have been to explore!

so if you wish to come check out some summer knitted goodness
from one Reckless Exuberance:

Saturday 19 November
Rose St Artist Market


Sunday 20 November
Shirt and Skirt Market
The Convent 

ooh also check out our lovely new website right here
its pretty spiffy!

hope to see you on the weekend... out in the sunshine!

over and out x

Wednesday, November 2, 2011

the whirlwind that is...

there is a laptop inside this here pouch

Why hello there!

Well what hectic times are upon us. 
Things seem to be getting busier and busier...
and not just for me, but for everyone it seems

its kinda freaky because its just going to get busier me thinks

but anywho
just thought I'd check in 
and let y'all know about a few things

above is a picture of a new product
what is that product you may ask
and to this 
I say
a protective laptop pouch!
(wow so that really didn't sound like such a cool announcement to
make in reality, but I think the photo says it better than I)

With a vibrant knitted coat on the outside and a simple striped lining inside too this laptop pouch also has cushioning sandwiched 
between these two layers to make it uber protective for your laptop...

They will be available in two different sizes but most
likely not till the beginning of December... maybe end of
I'll let ya know 

you might have to actually read the magazine to see the words

ooh and some other news to share

Is an article on Reckless Exuberance in a fully fledged magazine.
Fallen Magazine to be precise.

It is a beautiful quarterly mag that explores current music/art/culture/fashion but the more unique, unusual and interesting side of such things...

Anyway I am excited to be printed on the pages of such a lovely publication!

Well I better be off but
just to let you know
Reckless Exuberance is having a stall at
The Rose St Artist Market this Saturday

Over and out x