Thursday, March 17, 2011

As ze chilliness creeps up

Gradually it be happening...
         Layers are coming out.  
  Socks, beanies and gloves 
are rearing their pretty knitted faces.

     They keep those bits of your person warm that 
              seem to get cold first.

     And thus begins the making of new gloves/ arm-warmers 
          that keep wrists, hands and a little of your arms 
                toastie .

  I made em to keep your whole hand area warm
       but also allow your fingers to function.

 Cos you can't stop doing fun things
       just cos its a bit cold.

   this be a newly made pair
                                    Over and out x



  1. Ohhhhh, I missed these today! I saw them on your table but didn't ask what they were. Now I know. Nice to meet you 'Bewildered Bean' ;) !

  2. PS. Love the wave design on your website.