Friday, May 20, 2011

some buttons made today

it is something I always put off doing...
not sure why as it is ever so satisfying!
I love the effects created
swirly, messy, mad magic!
so flowing and organic

one is never the same as any other... 
each one is unique, which is the way I think everything should be!

I have realised that what many see as flaws I see as beautiful.
Hmmmmm I don't think I'm alone though.

On to other matters though

this lady has been on my back
or in my head 
telling me to knit knit knit!
which is exactly what I have been doing...

As I have another Rose St Market tomorrow! 
and throughout this week I have knitted many new and 
special things...
developments have been made
and so has a mess of my studio...

So if you would like some custom knitted gloves, in colours of your choosing, or a lovely new hood in wonderfully bold colours
then come visit me on Rose St tomorrow between
11am and 5pm

Can't wait! x

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