Sunday, January 8, 2012

another world


are amazing
and fascinating 

wood, leaves, roots, branches, bark
there is beauty in all of it
in all its different forms

we utilize it so much, 
I forget sometimes how much we rely on it...
how versatile it is

homes, furniture, heat, paper, pencils, climbing, growing
fruit, shade...

I am reading a book about trees

It is called Wildwood, 
A journey through trees, 
By Roger Deakin

He has so many tales of trees
the varieties, their uses, their appearances
he has discovered and knows so much
and still has this brilliant appreciation for every aspect of them

Aside from that 
just his perspective
of nature
from his humble adventures
and his interesting observations
from living
in the forest
are so 
I can't think of the word....


anyway I am still reading it 
so must be off

peace out x

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