Wednesday, February 8, 2012


oh how I do love to
add more and more things
and sometimes
its hard to know
when to stop

this got me thinking about
its a word i really like
the sound of
the meaning of

its meanings in different contexts
took me on a little explore

a phrase I found that I like

i like this one because 
i mostly think of the word in relation
to visual art 
but there is something really nice
about its use in an aural context

you know how you have those friends
who know how to tell stories really well...
I am not one of these people but I know some 
wonderful creatures that are.
I have a friend who would tell you a story about
something mundane like going to the supermarket
but somehow with his embellishment it becomes
this captivating, wondrous journey...
you sit there in awe, content to listen 
and the thing is 
its not like he isn't telling the truth
its just the way he tells it,
the details he gives,
his expressions 
make it so interesting somehow...
it certainly is a gift

now this is the one I know best...
its something i find oh so addictive
adding trims, embroidery, fringing, beads,
obscure items...
anything really!

its a whole process of which I enjoy every part

finding special unexpected pieces of wonder

discovering the ideal place that it should be

attaching it carefully with my own to hands 

allowing it to become a part of something bigger

seeing it amongst all the other collected craziness in 
a piece that works magically

it makes makes me so happy
oh how i have blabbered on!

I must be off but 
expect another post soon with a new
product for your eyeballs

peace out x

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