Thursday, March 1, 2012

ROAR like a

oh dear folk
i must apologize
for my lack of presence.


but anyways

just thought I'd share a special headdress
I made on a summer holiday

i became inspired by 
the idea of 
a lion mane

of a rainbow lion
that wandered about the bush
listening to beautiful sounds
and dancing
and as it danced a whirlwind of 
wondrous colour painted 
many rainbows amongst the landscape
from its magical mane

a mane  
of vibrant, colourful 
knitting and yarn

and here is the result
it became somewhat tribal looking
whilst still remaining mane-like

so perhaps this mane 
adorns the head of the tribe
whom does worship this mystical lion


thanks to my lovely friend Emma
for being my model and lending me
her camera for these shots 

peace out exuberant ones x

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