Wednesday, June 27, 2012

music to my knitting needles

for a special friend I did make this...


Hmmm well for some reason I decided 
I had to 
mix two of my favourite things... 

knitting (which might be kinda obvious)


music (in particular techno!)

I love that they aren't 
even slightly
obvious as a combination
they seem like they are from different planets
as far as 'common interests' go 

they go together like 
a gloriously mad nanna 
a glowing, dancing doofer...
and when this juxtoposition 
popped into my brain as a necessary path to follow

this is what eventually became.

and I wanted to make this for a dear friend of mine
a lady who I have known since I was 5
who I get along with like a house on fire
and who I love enormously

in some ways we are like this combination of elements

knitting and techno

and yet we have a magical bond

and oh how we love to dance to techno 

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