Wednesday, October 17, 2012

spring in her step

it has been madness at Reckless Exuberance!

making spring/summer knitwear
in time for
this Friday night and Saturday

but oh how excited we are,
Wovenspoke and I,
to be having a stall at this wonderful market!

and it is in fact
a marvellous madness 
we have been swept up in!
a sweet summery madness
of vibrant colour and playful details

both Reckless Exuberance and Wovenspoke
have some intriguing new products 
just in time 
for beautiful days of sunshine 
amongst the grass and warm breeze

some new things you can glimpse from us...
naturally dyed silk scarves with intriuing details,
new backpacks with fringed straps and recycled blanket patches,
glowing pompoms,
patterned skirts...

and we shall have some extra special offers
available only this weekend too!

So come visit
The Finders Keepers Market
this Friday night (6pm-10pm)
and Saturday (9am-5pm)
at The Royal Exhibition Building

there shalt be oodles of
amazing designers, artists, performers and more

and after you emerge from le market
you can sprawl out in the lovely Carlton gardens
in the sunshine on the grass
and have a well deserved nap!

Over and out
exuberant beings




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