Wednesday, July 27, 2011


The roof in my warehouse merged with two dear friends

olla dear beings
apologies to you...
I have been rather slack
but hopefully am back
for a committed return to zis here blog

now I don't claim to be any kind
of a good photographer...
but I must admit I have found myself
quite intrigued by taking photos
on a real camera
with film!

I have a special little basic camera
that I have had for quite some time but
haven't actually used it until now...
well I did use it once before this
and the film came out blank when I got it developed...
this time however half the photos worked out,
which is indeed an improvement...

anyway I was thinking about cameras and taking photos etc.
digital cameras,
whilst so very handy,
easy to use
and allowing us all to take a reasonably good photo,
is a somewhat lacking process for me

I mean 
they strive to take the most realistic depiction
of a moment... to capture exactly the way a scene looks...
but is that really what we want.
I don't think that is necessarily what I want...
What about the mood...
the spontaneous movement...

For me a digital photo is often
too sterile
too real
too perfect...

Why do we strive to make things so perfect...
It is most often the obscure and unexpected elements
in anything that I value and love...

I like that in taking photos
with my basic camera
that I can't predict how they are going to work out...
I can't control the outcome.
People seem to like having complete
control over the outcomes of everything...
We have based out entire existence on this desire.
Building up technology to fit our "need" to control
our surroundings...
grooming our gardens so they are in an tidy & orderly manner

we fix things that are deteriorating... 
And whilst I understand this may be necessary sometimes
I usually think they looked better before
they were "fixed"
For example I far prefer a wild, unkept garden
even more
the appearance and existence of 
the bushland,
completely without human control,
intertwining branches and grass
winding roots and fallen leaves...

I guess what I am trying to say
in a vague
and roundabout way
is that I don't like the word "perfection"
I don't aspire to create things that are "perfect"
I don't feel the need to always have control 
because I know
it is the unexpected
the flawed
the spontaneous
that I love

It takes all different kinds thought doesn't it...

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