Friday, July 29, 2011

aimlessly wandering

hoods worn by girls and boys alike
patterned shorts... can be worn in many a way

oh how i value the journey

being led on a journey without having a destination
in mind...
such interesting and brilliant things result...

I was going to say "unexpected"...
but that wouldn't be right.
for if I am going on a journey 
without a specific place/design/result in mind
then I shouldn't really have any expectations... right?

often people create things with a clearly defined outcome envisioned in there head...
but for me this is rare.
and even if i begin with a vision for what I want to create
it usually evolves in ways I didn't imagine. and I like to embrace that...
for I think some will not allow any diversion from there initial vision which can be quite dissapointing...
as I have found that things never end up exactly as you might imagine and thus unless I let the journey sweep me up then the experience can be somewhat lacking...

oh how I can babble on, this may just sound like nonsense 
but hopefully it makes sense to some... xox


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