Thursday, September 1, 2011

not just another pretty pouch

so just in time for spring 
and especially in time for the upcoming festival season

these here are new neck pouches 
that I believe are
more versatile
more bold and interesting
and more functional 
than the previous neck pouches I created.

They are like a tactile and useful piece of jewelery I guess...
You can put some key items like
money, lip balm, keys, sunglasses etc in them 
and off you go

Personally I am a rather big fan of not being restricted 
by your possessions/accessories and thus I seem to 
try to create items that facilitate the freedom 
one needs to go off on adventures

These handy new neck pouches will be available 
for the first time
tomorrow at The Rose St Artist Market

Maybe catch you there exuberant beings x



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