Thursday, September 15, 2011

homeward bound

the journey is taking many turns
new things are being learnt

I am loving that nothing stays the same
and that there are always more things to discover

popping out the back of winter
and jumping into spring
might be bringing about this appreciation of...
of everything I guess

we have opened up our home 
to travellers in the last couple of weeks
and it has been a rather lovely thing

I am beginning to see the value
in sharing your space
with people who you don't know
from places you don't know...
They have different perspectives to share with you
A new energy to contribute to the space

Being settled in your ways can be dangerous I think
but being open to other beings contributing something
new to your life
even if it be temporary
can be so brilliant
homelife has become this ever changing
and evolving thing

it challenges you
but on the same note
it bestows so many unexpected and wonderful things
on you 

anyway onward and upwards exuberant beings x

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