Thursday, October 13, 2011

branching out

so it may have taken a while to master
but now i am rather happy with this here new product!

I have begun knitting cushion covers.
Made from 100% wool with pretty handmade buttons
to finish them off.

The cushion inserts inside these are made
from recycled PET bottles making them 
a particularly sustainable item to adorn the home.

I was pretty excited by these cushion inserts and
even discovered that each one contains 25 bottles...
which means preventing 25 bottles from going to landfill!

These are going to be available for the first time
tomorrow at The Rose St Artist Market.

As well as having these available for the first time
there is also going to be a sale on select winter stock...
40% off
which if you ask me is pretty awesome
not that I'm biased or anything he he

This will include wool singlets, dresses and hoods.

So hopefully the weather will stay as splendid as it
is today and I will see you at the market tomorrow!

Peace out exuberant beings x

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