Wednesday, October 12, 2011

for real

oh I know, I know
way too long it hath been
I apologize profusely exuberant ones!

but I do have something uber exciting to show!
well you have probably already seen it... (in the images above)
labels! Reckless Exuberance fabric labels!

now I realise this might be something that really
only excites one person, which is me. he he
but I had to share it with you anyway!

my labels and I got together and collaborated
on a little photo shoot...
they pulled some rather lovely poses
and I shot away in excitement... 
it was all happenning

in other news
This weekend is going to be a big one at Rose St Market.

I have a new product that will be available for sale which I shalt announce soon, but not now...

Also there will be a sale on a selection of my winter stock.
but only for a limited time that is.
I'm thinking one or two markets at most...
So if this at all interests you then come take a look see.

I will be writing again very very soon with more details
for you...

So stay bold and brilliant out there lovely creatures

Over and out x

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