Wednesday, April 25, 2012

awkward and amazing

there are things i enjoy doing
that im not particularly good at...
like singing for example

whilst knitting away at my machine
i love to sing!

i have been told i sound rather funny 
by others that surround my studio
not in a mean way
i think it is found to be somewhat amusing
and im okay with that

but then again
i guess that poses the question
do you have to be 'good' at someting in order to enjoy it?
and who decides what 'good' is?

is it whether other people appreciate what you are doing?

i like to think i'm a relatively good dancer...
but i'm sure some might think i look completely uncoordinated.
that doesn't mean i enjoy it any less.
it makes me so happy to dance! 
and to be honest I don't think there is any such
thing as being a bad dancer

i have observed many people dancing
it is quite a lovely thing to watch
and whilst some people might move a little awkwardly
if they are enjoying it
it is still such a brilliant thing to watch
and in fact 
is probably even more interesting and endearing

my mother has said to me many times before
when she sees art that she appreciates
'i wish i was creative... i could never do that'
to which i always reply
'you can and you are creative!'

she is a mad dancer
amongst other things
but if she wanted to
she could
be creative in any way she wished
just as we all can 

peoples creativity comes
in so many forms
as long as you embrace and enjoy it
who really cares what anyone thinks

usually it is the
and flawed 
things that i like best anyway

well i must be off now
to sing out of key
dance like a wombat

peace out x


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