Thursday, May 3, 2012


its not an unusual occurrence
in my life
to lose gloves

the number of gloves i have been through
is probably at some astounding figure by now

to be honest i lose everything

but gloves are up there with the top lost items
and they are something I cannot live without!
especially in this weather.

so as I was deciding on which colours 
my newest pair of gloves should be in,
which is always a hard decision to make,

I realised I have two gloves in a pair
and really 
they don't have to be the same... 

I'm not one to care about symmetry or things matching
in fact
there is something I love about playing 
with this...
odd earrings...
odd socks...

why not odd gloves?

personally I think it can make
the look of something more interesting.
I mean I can appreciate symmetry
sometimes it completes a look or balances it nicely

but I also appreciate that it isn't my only option
and that is shouldn't restrict me!
and so I decided embrace this
and to make a mismatch pair of gloves for myself

each glove involves the same colours
just variations in the colour placement
pretty happy with them

as you can see from the piano glove shots above
I have started making a new style of glove!
they are a chunkier knit
very comfortable
and very movement-friendly... 
because who really wants to be taking gloves on and off
in order to do things 

ooh just one last thing before I go...
Reckless Exuberance 
will be at 
The Rose St Artist Market
this Saturday (5 May)

So if you require some handmade woolen knits
in these ridiculously cold conditions
come and acquire some from me
before it gets even colder! eeek!

peace out exuberance beings x

p.s. thanks to my lovely piano playing friend Nella 
for modeling with her wonderfully elegant hands

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