Friday, August 3, 2012


its always interesting to see the spaces which people 
create for themselves

the objects one has chosen to surround oneself with
the placement they have arranged them
the way they then interact with this space

oh what delights this can
reflect about a person

i have some friends who love to create environments
that nurture social interaction
that connect people
oh what wonderful spaces they create!

something i love to see
is how those people and others whom i love
come together in a camping situation
and collectively create a living space

like at festivals
you arrive with your friends/campsite buddies
at a carefully selected empty grassy patch
a blank canvas
upon which
you then erect a temporary home
some contribute more than others
but each individial ends up contributing something of themselves
bringing something to the table

decorations, food, furniture, tents
and other such essential elements
come together
and thus
a unique vibe
which will only exist for those few days
and after which 
it will never exist in the same form again
and you co-exist there together 
for that fleeting moment in time
its such a lovely thing

anyway here is a little piece of my space
my warehouse studio space
within which all Reckless Exuberance pieces
are made
with my own two hands 

peace out
exuberant beings x

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