Tuesday, August 28, 2012

to heal

having found himself with a leg covered in plaster
this gentleman decided not to just let it remain blank
in beige
but instead 
to see it as a blank canvas
that could become 
a colourful painting of sorts
and something
to perhaps 
gladden his eyes
as he heals in bed

and i was happy
it was i he asked
to paint the
blank canvas on his leg
and so i embarked on a creative adventure
in an unlikely place

but how lovely to head into the unknown
and paint a place i would never think of
cos it seems to me
that when you delve into the unknown
you always create wondefully unexpected things

i like this perception
he had
that his leg was a blank canvas
for this is how i see so many things
so many surfaces i see
i just want to 
decorate, embellish
and render them a mad
whirlwind of colour and craziness

over and out x

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