Tuesday, August 2, 2011

word on the street


I would like to mention
a new stockist!!

whats that you say...
yes that is right 
a lovely shop in Yarraville.

Now I didn't know anything about Yarraville
before going to see this shop...
Nor did I realise what a cool place this suburb is..
its not even far away
which is suprising
as I always think that places I don't know must be far far away..
but no! 
10 minute train ride from ze city
Lots of sweet little cafes, and precious little shops!
Especially this shop that has taken on my range...
It is called
check it out says I
in fact
check out this whole suburb
its rather brilliant

in the pictures
are some of the special new pieces
that can be found at Mandrake and Willow
loose knit singlets and dresses
they be splendid for layering
or wearing on there lonesome too
100% wool of course

thats all from me for now
over and out exuberant beings

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