Wednesday, November 30, 2011

my little sister

we are oh so different to each other

its a wonder sometimes that we were bought up in the same house
let alone by the same people...

we used to fight alot when we were little... 
perhaps because personality-wise we want and see everything differently...
but somehow 
despite all this

we have come out the other end of childhood
as friends... and sisters who appreciate each other
I'm there for her
she is there for me...

I mean your sibling is the one you spend so much time with...
doing nothing in particular together.
playing dress-ups with.
waiting in the car while mum is in the supermarket (taking forever!)
walking to the milkbar to buy lollies.
doing the dishes with.

sometimes when I talk to her I am just like wow...
you are so bizarre
the things she dwells upon
the things she desires
I just don't get it!
and I think she looks at me most of the time and thinks...
you are an absolute nutcase!
why are you doing this strange thing I have never heard of

but we accept each other now

she still doesn't make sense to me at all
but why does she have to.

We seem to laugh alot together.
I think we laugh alot at our own ridiculousness...
And when I sat there today having coffee
and laughing with her about some foolish
adventure she had on the weekend
I just thought...
I'm so glad you are my sister.
I will never have a relationship like this with anyone else

and I love ya guts

that is all

peace out x

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