Wednesday, November 2, 2011

the whirlwind that is...

there is a laptop inside this here pouch

Why hello there!

Well what hectic times are upon us. 
Things seem to be getting busier and busier...
and not just for me, but for everyone it seems

its kinda freaky because its just going to get busier me thinks

but anywho
just thought I'd check in 
and let y'all know about a few things

above is a picture of a new product
what is that product you may ask
and to this 
I say
a protective laptop pouch!
(wow so that really didn't sound like such a cool announcement to
make in reality, but I think the photo says it better than I)

With a vibrant knitted coat on the outside and a simple striped lining inside too this laptop pouch also has cushioning sandwiched 
between these two layers to make it uber protective for your laptop...

They will be available in two different sizes but most
likely not till the beginning of December... maybe end of
I'll let ya know 

you might have to actually read the magazine to see the words

ooh and some other news to share

Is an article on Reckless Exuberance in a fully fledged magazine.
Fallen Magazine to be precise.

It is a beautiful quarterly mag that explores current music/art/culture/fashion but the more unique, unusual and interesting side of such things...

Anyway I am excited to be printed on the pages of such a lovely publication!

Well I better be off but
just to let you know
Reckless Exuberance is having a stall at
The Rose St Artist Market this Saturday

Over and out x

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