Tuesday, November 22, 2011

when your powers combine

We went on a day long adventure about the amazing grounds of the Convent in Abbotsford which provided oh so much inspiration for all of us...

So many whimsical plants and hidden corners perfect for capturing this story...
I love that by a collection of artistic beings coming together you can create something special that none of you could have done alone... 
you are taken on a journey working with each others ideas... 

being inspired by each other a work evolves into a joint entity that reflects you all in more ways than one

oh collaboration is brilliant! 
I don't get to do it that often but I do indeed love it when I do!

The wonderful creatures who were the parts of this venture are:

Jazmine Thom, an amazing photographer who has just graduated and who initiated this project and pulled everything together, she is full of ideas and motivation!

and Emma Roberts of Studio2 Make up, hair and beauty who I have mentioned before but whom always blows me away with her magically creative ideas. She is one who is never restricted by anything but rather pushes all boundaries that most are contained by.

Anywho I must be off!

Have a lovely afternoon exuberant beings!
Peace out x

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  1. Hi - I just found you via Pinterest... I love that first image - all of them really - but she seems to belong to that plant in the fist one - beautiful. We're lucky to have such brilliant creative places like the abbotsford convent in melbourne! Hope you get more collaborative opportunities soon!