Friday, August 5, 2011

jibber jabber bandit

an adventuring man off to explore the wild with a well suited backpack

an amazing being lapping up ze sunshine in a headdress

So I borrowed my sisters
old polaroid camera and took some
photos of some lovely beings in the
the sunshine...

Tomorrow I shalt be back at The Rose St Artists Market!
Has been 3 weeks so its a bit longer than usual but
I shalt return with many a wondrous thing...
I have made a heap of pretty headdresses  in brilliant hues!
Alongside lots of phone gloves in various colours that will
catch your eye...
As well as human gloves...
yes human gloves!
for your hands...
Well they are perhaps more like fingerless mittens/ arm warmers
but they are perfect for wearing and not restricting you
when you need to get things done...
Mine are glued to me at all times.
Except I did leave one on my heater and burnt a massive
hole in it...
a bit disappointing!
but hey I guess that is what is so good about making your own gloves...
I am just making one more to replace it he he

Anyway maybe I will see you at The Rose St Market
tomorrow between 11am-5pm

Peace out exuberant beings x

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