Monday, August 8, 2011


phone gloves at Rose St Market on Saturday

I want to be fearless...
I don't want to be scared of things.

Things like 
people I find intimidating
public speaking
saying what I really think about something because I think I'll sound stupid
or dancing in particular situations (he he)

When I realise I am avoiding doing something
because of fear then I want to conquer it...
Fear seems like a ridiculous reason to avoid something

I'd rather look stupid or foolish or uncool (whatever that means)
than not experiencing something.

What I am trying to say is that
I'd prefer to experience things than fear them

Many people seem to avoid the things they are scared of...
I mean things that could fail or might be judged.
It just doesn't seem worth it to me...
Living inside a bubble where you are comfortable
is easy
often it seems like a means of avoiding trying
the many things that are out there to be 
experienced, inspired by and appreciated

I know I can't choose what I fear
it just happens sometimes
and there are heaps of things I am scared of

but so many things that I was initially scared of
have become things that I love to do...
which makes me think that it is always worth trying things
at least once

eek i hope this doesn't sound like one of
those weird self help books
just thinking out loud i am


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