Thursday, August 11, 2011

Craft Hatch Market at 1000 £ Bend

some vibrant folk
went wandering
not lost
but aimlessly meandering about,
following their instincts wherever they please...
enjoying their surroundings
curiously playing,
discovering much.
No destination in mind
and without expectations...
oh the adventures they had!

hello there says I
I am so excited to show you these amazing new photos 
that were produced in collaboration with some wonderful creative
beings and my very own knitwear.

These photos feature some new garments and older items in new form.

Tomorrow at Craft Victoria's Craft Hatch Market at 1000 £ Bend
these exciting new pieces will be available for the first time at a market.
It seems fitting as this is the first Craft Hatch Market at this lovely new location in the city and thus a perfect occassion to show my new work!
New pieces include loose knit dresses, unisex singlets and cropped singlets as well as Patterned shorts.
These are all great for pieces for layering.
They will be accompanied by new versions of old favourites including headdresses, gloves, phone gloves and more!

Come take a look tomorrow between 11am-4pm
There will be many brilliant handmade wares to see and buy

Photography by An Architect Photographer My Undies
Make-up by Emma Roberts, Studio 2

Peace out exuberant beings xo

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