Friday, August 19, 2011


watching someone completely consumed in a task 
is something I find so intriguing to watch

whether it is by an activity I can personally relate
to is beside the point...
well sometimes it can be more interesting to watch someone
consumed by a task that you can't quite comprehend...

it seems to me that 
you have to be passionate about a subject
in order to also become engrossed by it...
and perhaps that is why it is so fascinating to watch

how wondrous it is 
to be engrossed in something...
to drift off
to a place
where only the task at hand
is in existence
with you

concentration and focus come with such ease
sounds and movement surrounding you do not penetrate this
oh how special these moments can be
and often i don't realise until after

moving on...

this weekend, well on saturday to be specific
Reckless Exuberance will have a stall at
The Rose St Artist Market
11am to 5pm

Come by if you wish as I would surely like to have visitors

Peace out exuberant beings xo

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